Author:  Ken Haggard, David Bainbridge, Rachel Aljilani

Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference

The Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference is the third in a series of pocket books to be published by ISES. The first in the series was the Solar Energy Pocket Reference (2005), the second was the Wind Energy Pocket Reference (2007).

The Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference is a handy resource for architects, engineers and students. Passive Solar Architecture is a highly integrated endeavour affecting the design professions of architecture, city and regional planning, structural, mechanical and civil engineers, landscape architects and product designers. As such passive solar design is equally part art, science and technology.

This book will provide easy to use information on a wide range of topics relevant to the passive built environment; including thermal sources, microclimate, radiation, air flow relations, passive heating, cooling and ventilation, natural lighting and life cycle cost and design, just to name a few.

Editor of Series is D. Yogi Goswami.

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