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ISES Solar World Congress 2007 Plenaries & Keynotes (DVD)

During the Solar World Congress 2007, Aspen Hill Films captured videos of the plenary and keynote sessions. The videos were professionally edited and are available as eight individual DVDs.

1st DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Plenary 1 and Plenary 2 (1st Speaker)

Yogi Goswami – Immediate Past Chair ISES, USA

Dr. Goswami provided an excellent overview of the global energy future and the critical role that renewable energy is expected to play.  The special contributions of China to the needed transition to renewable energy future were highlighted.  A lively question and answer session followed his inspiring presentation. 

Lawrence Kazmerski – National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Dr. Kazmerski entertained and informed the audience with his Boer Prize Award Lecture on PV technology, stressing how PV is at the tipping point and promises to be a viable energy source in the near future. 


2nd DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Plenary Session 2

Yin Zhiqiang – Tsinghua University, China

Professor Zhiqiang presented an indepth review of the status of solar thermal conversion in China, commenting on resources and policies which are helping development of solar thermal.  His informative presentation was following by question and answer session. 

Isao Yukawa – Kyocera Solar, Japan (ISES Vice-President)

Mr. Yukawa discussed PV as a sustainable practice, using the Kyocera management as a case study.  He also reflected on important motivations for accelerating the use of PV worldwide. A Q&A session followed his presentation.

Anil Kane – President World Wind Energy Association, India

Dr. Kane presented an excellent overview of wind energy, including reflections on history of renewable energy and descriptions of the paradigm shift in world wind energy scenario. His presentation was followed by a Q&A session. 

Jose Moreira – University Sao Paulo, Brazil

Professor Moreira provided an extensive overview of successes and barriers to bioenergy, highlighting the multiple uses of bioenergy to produce heat, electricity, and biofuels. 


3rd DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 1  

Wind Energy, Wave Energy, Hydro Power

 He Dexin – Vice President of World Wind Energy Association, China

Mr. Dexin provided an overview of the status and prospects of wind energy in China.  Q&A followed. 

Peter Hjuier Jensen – Riso Research Institute, Denmark

Mr. Jensen discussed global wind energy, discussing in detail the technology, capacity, costs, standards and certifications, research and future role of wind energy worldwide. Q&A followed. 

Peter Rae – Chair International Renewable Energy Alliance, Australia

Mr. Rae described IREA as a voice for all renewable energies, and provided overviews of hydropower, wave and tidal energy. 


4th DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 2

Solar Thermal Technologies

Hans-Martin Henning – Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy System, Freiburg, Germany

Mr. Henning provided an overview of solar cooling, including motivations, techniques and opportunities.  Q&A followed. 

Lorin Vant-Hull – ISES Division – Solar Thermal Power USA

Professor Vant-Hull gave an overview of concentrating solar thermal power and elaborated on the underlying physics of the technology. 

Michael Geyer – Executive Secretary IEA SolarPACES, Germany

Dr. Geyer discussed international market introduction of concentrated solar power and elaborated on policies and benefits.  Q&A followed. 


5th DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 2

Photovoltaic Technologies

Martin Green – University of New South Wales, Australia

Professor Green presented an comprehensive overview lecture on the future of thin film solar cells.  Q&A followed.            

Zhao Yuwen – Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute, China

Professor Yuwen discussed in detail the status and trend of photovoltaic development in China. Q&A followed. 

Junichi Honda – Kyocera Sakura Solar Centre, Japan

Mr. Honda gave a detailed history of PV industry development in Japan, noting the role of national policies and markets. 


6th DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 1

Bio Energy and Geothermal Energy

Jin-Suk Lee – Korea Institute of Energy Research, South Korea

Dr. Lee presented an overview of biofuels and how their development is evolving.  Q&A followed. 

Tomas Kaberger – Talloil AB, Sweden

Dr. Kaberger provide several perspectives on biomass energy developments and underscored the need for these alternatives.  Q&A followed. 

John W. Lund – President, International Geothermal Association, USA

Dr. Lund gave a detailed overview of the development and utilization of geothermal resources.  Q&A followed. 


7th DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 1

Solar Architecture

Anne Grete Hestnes – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway.  Dr. Hestnes provided an overview of solar buildings, with reflection on the role of climate. Q&A followed. 

Alexandros Tombazis - Melitiki, Athens Greece

Dr. Tombazis presented his inspiring letter to a young architect, asking the question “is bioclimatic design a new style of design?” 

Monica Oliphant – ISES Chair-elect, Australia

Dr. Oliphant provided a detailed description Adelaide’s transition to a solar city. 


8th DVD - ISES SWC 2007 Parallel Keynote Session 2

Strategies and Policies

David Renné – National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Dr. Renné presented an overview of the long term activities in renewable energy deployment with China.  Q&A followed. 

John Reynolds – University of Oregon, USA

Dr. Reynolds discussed the recent energy policy development in the United States.  Q&A followed. 

Li Junfeng - Energy Research Institute, NDRC, China

Dr. Li Junfeng gave a detailed summary of the renewable energy strategies and policies in China.  Q&A followed.