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EuroSun 2010 Proceedings (CD)

EuroSun 2010, the 8th EuroSun conference of ISES Europe, was organised together with the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) in Graz, Austria. As a leading international conference on solar heating, cooling and buildings, the EuroSun 2010 emphasised scientific aspects, giving privilege to the advancements of knowledge in this area and was thus an important platform presenting the latest technologies being developed throughout the world.

With over 434 abstracts accepted for full oral, short oral and poster presentations, the proceedings of the conference offer current and top-class scientific papers on the following topics:

  • Solar energy in architecture
  • Net zero energy buildings
  • Energy efficiency in buildings through solar applications
  • Large-scale solar thermal applications
  • Advanced solar domestic hot water heating
  • Solar space heating with a high solar fraction
  • Solar energy for industrial and commercial applications
  • Solar cooling and air conditioning
  • Solar collector technology
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Engineering and simulation tools
  • Testing and certification
  • Solar radiation and solar energy availability
  • Other solar energy related topics
  • Other components of solar thermal systems
  • Building of tomorrow Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.