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EuroSun 2008 Proceedings (CD)

The EuroSun took place in Lisbon, Portugal from 7 – 10 October 2008 and was organised by the Solar Energy Society of Portugal and ISES Europe. Held in cooperation with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) the EuroSun focused on solar heating, cooling and buildings. The EuroSun is one of the most important solar energy conferences in Europe and internationally. 

The topics chosen for the Congress are listed below:

  • Sustainable Solar Buildings 
  • Domestic and Services Water Heating
  • Solar Energy For Industry
  • Solar Collector Technology
  • Solar Driven Cooling
  • Special Solar Applications
  • Testing and Certification
  •  Thermal Energy Storage
  • Sustainable Electricity Generation
  • Engineering and Simulation Tools
  • Climate and Solar Energy Availability
  • Other solar energy related issues