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EuroSun 2008 Plenary and Keynote Sessions (DVD)

1st International conference on solar Heating, Cooling and Buildings


Each DVD includes the short video summary of EuroSun 2008 main activities, in addition to presentations for one of the three plenary sessions, and one speech from the opening session. The proceeds from the sale of these DVDs are being used to support ISES Educational and Outreach activities. 


  • 1st DVD: Opening Plenary Keynote

Ralph Sims, International Energy Agency, Paris and Professor of Sustainable Energy, Massey University, New Zealand 

“The Contribution of Solar Energy to World Energy Supply – a Vision” is an excellent opening for EuroSun2008.  Dr. Sims provides an update on the latest IPCC report, comments on the IEA’s view of renewable energy and particularly solar, and future potential of renewable energy globally and the potential role of renewables for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


  • 2nd DVD: European Solar Thermal Technology Platform – Wednesday Plenary

This plenary session offers a diverse set of presentations covering a detailed discussion of the ESTTP; understanding the intimate connections between climate change, solar resource variations, and renewable energy production; striking trends in sustainable buildings and resulting concerns; and the importance and prospects for solar driven cooling. 

Monica Oliphant, President International Solar Energy Society – Moderator

Manual Collares Pereira, Chairman Eurosun Congress 2008 Scientific Committees  

“The European Solar Thermal Technology Platform - ESTTP” presentation reviews reasons to change our energy supply system; discusses the role of solar thermal technologies in replacing fossil and nuclear energy; and outlines how the transition can be accomplished, with special emphasis on the role that ESTTP is playing in implementing solar thermal strategies.

Dave Renné, National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA 

“Climate and Solar Energy Availability” presentation provides an excellent overview of the important connections between solar radiation, climate variability, and renewable energy; describes the IEA task on solar resource knowledge management; and summarizes the importance of this knowledge in achieving more effective use of solar technologies.

Mat Santamouris, Group Building Environmental Studies, University of Athens, Greece 

“Sustainable Buildings – Recent Trends” reviews the importance of the construction industry and energy use in buildings, the many trends leading to more energy consumption, cure for buildings, and concern over poorer populations whose survival may depend on being able to adapt to heat but do not have ability to take advantage of costly technological solutions.

Hans Martin Henning, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Studies, Germany  

“Solar Driven Cooling” begins with motivation for these processes, an excellent overview of solar driven cooling system technologies, discussion of energy performance, and concluding remarks about the future of these systems. 


  • 3rd DVD: Photovoltaic and Photovoltaic Thermal Systems – Thursday Plenary

This plenary provided informative reviews of PV technology; solar heating systems in buildings; solar energy in industry; and solar thermal energy storage.

Manual Collares Pereira â€“ Moderator 

Antonio Luque, Instituto de energia Solar,Universidad Politécnica Madrid 

“The Potential of PV Technology” reviews facts about energy and the role of the PV sector, manufacturing solar cells, potential breakthroughs in solar, and the promise of solar energy. 

Harald Drueck, Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Energy, University of Stuttgart, Germany

“Solar Heating Systems in Buildings” discusses how solar space heating is a very old concept as illustrated by ancient structures.  The presentation also provides information on markets, applications, and opportunities for the future. 

Werner Weiss, AEE-Institutes for Sustainable Technologies, Austria

“Solar Energy in Industry” provides a thorough overview of solar markets and potential, the state of solar heating applications, process heat collectors, heat integration, built examples and outlook for solar thermal energy in industry. 

Jean-Cristophe Hadorn, BASE Consultants, Switzerland

“Solar Thermal Energy Storage” is an excellent overview of the needs for storage, especially for large seasonal shifts in the resource, and discusses the many and diverse technologies for storing heat as a way of better managing energy production from solar technologies. 


  • 4th DVD: Solar Thermal Power – Friday Plenary

This plenary provides a review of recent developments in solar thermal power plants; enlightening discussion of the ecological nature of architecture; and an overview of daylighting concepts. 

Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes â€“ Moderator

Eduardo Zarza, CIEMAT – Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain

“Solar Thermal Power Plants: State-of-the-Art and Recent Developments.”  This presentation provided an extensive overview of the technologies, current commercial situation, and new developments and innovations in concentrating solar power technologies. 

Alexandros Tombazis, Alexandros N. Tombazis and Associates Architects, Ltd 

“Is Solar Architecture Different?”.  In his usual thought-provoking style, Mr. Tombazis discusses the eco-logical nature of solar architecture, the importance of reducing our ecological footprint and the importance of buildings in achieving this, how we learn from buildings that work with their environments, and the growing awareness of sustainability worldwide. 

Dr. Magali Bodart, UCL-Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

“Daylighting in Buildings: New Developments” provides a broad overview of recent advances in assessing daylighting opportunities in buildings, and underscores the many human health and welfare, as well as the energy savings benefits of daylighting.