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EuroSun 2006 Key Lectures (DVDs)

1st DVD - EuroSun 2006 Opening Plenary 1
EuroSun 2006 opened with welcoming addresses from the organizing committee, ISES leaders, and officials from the host university--Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. Presentations set the context and tone for the conference, with brief reviews of importance of solar energy in addressing pressing problems of global warming, the history of ISES in promoting solar energy solutions, and the importance of education. The opening comments were followed by two keynote presentations highlighting the successes and innovations of solar energy.

- Welcome and Opening Addresses 

- Plenary Moderator and Opening Speaker: Dr. Stas Burek, EuroSun 2006 Conference Chair, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK 

- Despina Serghides, President ISES-Europe, Higher Technical Institute, Cyprus 

- Professor Mike Smith, Provost Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland 

- John Thorp, Chair UK-ISES, ECSC, London, UK 

- Macro and micro-integrating Solar into Social, Industrial, and Domestic Energy Demand Scenarios – Robin Harper MSP, Scottish Parliamentary Renewable Energy group (SPREG), Scotland 

- The presentation highlighted optimistic news about what is already happening in energy savings through renewable energy and energy efficiency and how these approaches will help the world win the war on climate change and poverty over the next few decades. 

- How Renewable Energy Industry Clusters Ensure Effective Technology Implementation – Brian Norton, President Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland 

- The important role of clustering of interconnected activities in achieving most effective implementation of solar energy technology is discussed and examples of how this can be done are presented. 

2nd DVD - EuroSun 2006 Plenary 2
Plenary 2 provided a stimulating set of views on the roles of education, architecture, and policy in advancing use of solar energy. 

This was followed by presentations of winners for the Solar Schools Forum competition. 

- Plenary Chair – Colin Porteous, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland 

- Solar Energy Training and Education – Torben Esbensen, Esbensen Consulting Engineers, Denmark 

This keynote provided an excellent overview of new activities in training and education. 

- Architectural Design and Sustainability from the viewpoint of an architect – Alexandros Tombazis, Aleandros N. Tombazie and Associates, Greece 

This presentation gave a captivating look at the nature of architecture, followed by interesting design examples. 

- International Energy Scenarios: a key driver for new policies to accelerate renewable markets – Roberto Vigotti, Chair International Energy Agency Renewable Energy Working Party, ISES Board Member, Italy 

This address focused on scenarios, policies and measures to accelerate renewable energy use worldwide. 

- Presentation of prizes for the Solar Schools Forum competition

The competition included countries from all over Europe. 

3rd DVD - EuroSun 2006 Plenary 3
Plenary 3 covered a variety of topics related to solar heating and heat demand, implementation of renewables at the local level, and developments in developing economy countries. 

- Plenary Chair - Jean Rosenfeld, UK-ISES 

- The Role of Solar Heating in the European Heat Demand – Lex Bosselaar, SenterNovem, The Netherlands 

The important role of solar heating in the total heat amount and exciting technology advances in this area were discussed. 

- Implementation of Renewables at the Local Level – John Thorp, Thameswey Energy LTD. 

This paper (prepared by Ray Morgan, Thameswey, UK and presented by John Thorp) discussed how renewable energy is being successfully implemented at the local level. 

- Solar Energy in Developing Economies – Bernard McNelis, IT Power, UK 

The 25 years of successful IT Power projects and the ground-breaking work of UK-ISES over the past three decades were highlighted in this presentation. 

4th DVD - EuroSun 2006 Selected Technical Presentations
These 6 selected technical presentation provide a sample of the diverse program topics for EuroSun 2006. 

- Building Integration of Active Solar Thermal Systems - Anne Grete Hestnes, National Technical Univsersity, Norway 

This invited keynote discussed trends in energy use in buildings and approaches to reducing energy use in buildings of the future, with a focus on solar thermal vision 2030. 

- The new Central Solar Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage in Germany - Thomas Schmidt, Steinbeis Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems, Germany 

This presentation discussed large scale solar heating and provided details on two new projects in Germany. 

- Improvements in Broadband All-sky Solar Irradiance Modelling Based on Cloud Cover Information: A Case Study for the UK - S. Younes, Napier University, Scotland, UK 

The improvements, discussed and illustrated in the presentation, were designed to make important design information more accessible to architects and others using irradiance information. 

- Passive and Low Energy Houses in Europe - Signe Antvorskov, Esbensen Consulting Engineers, Denmark 

This invited keynote discussed the many reasons for developing more energy efficient homes and provided examples of such homes from Denmark. 

- Whole-Sky Luminance Distribution Maps from Calibrated Digital Photography - Paul Kenny, University College Dublin, Ireland 

This presentation introduced techniques for developing real time day lighting estimates, which are more helpful for design applications. 

- Development and Performance of Cool Colored Coatings - A. Synnefa, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece 

Techniques for developing cool non-white coatings were discussed as a key way for aesthetically reducing heat island effects in cities. Please note that the first one to two minutes of his talk are missing from the video.