IEA SHC Solar Academy: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

Tuesday, 21. March 2017
14:00 to 15:30
The webinar duration is 1.50 hours.

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

A webinar of the IEA SHC Programme's Solar Academy, hosted by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

Join us for a discussion on three key results from the IEA SHC's project on lighting retrofit. You'll hear from:

  • Jan de Boer of Fraunhofer Institut of Building Physics in Stuttgart and the project manager (Operating Agent) for IEA SHC Task 50: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings.
    Jan will discuss an integrative approach to allocate potentials in lighting retrofits.
  • Martine Knoop of the Technical University of Berlin
    Martine will discuss the technical retrofit solutions for daylighting, electric lighting and light management
  • Simon Wössner of Fraunhofer Institut of Building Physics in Stuttgart
    Simon will present the interactive electronic source book and toolbox, The Lighting Retrofit Adviser.
  • Webinar moderator: Ricardo Enriquez, IEA SHC Vice Chair

Dr.-Ing. Jan de Boer

Jan de Boer – 1994: Diploma (M.Sc.) in Electrical Engineering at the University of Bochum. 1994-1995: Consulting engineer in a lighting design office. 1995-1996: Research associate at the Chair of Building Physics at the University of Stuttgart. Since 1996: group manager Lighting Technology and Passive Solar Systems in the Department of Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) in Stuttgart. 2004: PhD at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2005: teaching assignment at the University of Stuttgart. 2009 Master of Business Administration at the RWTH Aachen and HSG St. Gallen. Member and coordinator of several standardization commissions and working groups on energy efficient lighting. Speaker of the scientific technical Committee of the LiTG on the topic “daylighting”. Operating agent IEA-SHC Task 50 “Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings”.

Dr. Martine Knoop

Martine Knoop is a Lecturer at the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin. She received her PhD degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology in 2000. Before taking up her assignment at the TU Berlin, she was a senior application specialist at Philips Lighting, the Netherlands and part-time visiting professor at Eindhoven University of Technology. She was chair of the CIE technical committee looking into quality measures for indoor lighting with LED lighting systems (CIE publication 205:2013). Her current research projects look into the unique characteristics of daylight responsible for the user preference for this light source, in order to promote and improve daylight design, as well as to develop new adaptive electric lighting solutions, to enhance user well-being and performance in indoor spaces. She was the Leader of Subtask B: Daylighting and Electric Lighting System Solutions within IEA SHC Task 50: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings.

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Wössner

Civil engineering studies at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2002 research associate in the department of heat technology at the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics, Stuttgart. He is experienced in developing and implementing software concepts. (EnEVnet, Energy Concept Adviser, Talisys, IBP18599kernel, Tool for complex fenestration systems). Contributor in various IEA projects (Task31, Annex36, Annex 46) Leads module 3 of the German EnerKey Project.

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The International Energy Agency's Solar Heating and Cooling Programmes' Solar Academy

The SHC Solar Academy is the latest effort by the IEA SHC Programme to share it’s work and support R&D and implementation of solar heating and cooling projects worldwide. We hope that you will take advantage of one or more of the Academy’s activities. Webinars by IEA SHC experts on specific results and tools and hosted by ISES. < >Webinar #1 – Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings on March 21st at 14.00 GMTWebinar #2 – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes on June 28th (time to be confirmed)Videos highlighting our work and other relevant issues. The first video package (11 videos) showcases presentations from Qatar’s Green Expo held November 2016 in Doha. The speakers discuss our current projects and how IEA SHC is supporting solar thermal in the MENA region National Days held in conjunction with IEA SHC meetings are country specific events for the exchange of information between national experts and IEA SHC experts. Onsite training by IEA SHC experts is offered by request in IEA SHC member countries. For more information, please visit:

Webinar recordings and Q&A

Webinar recording

We understand that sometimes the time of the webinar may not suit people in many parts of the world. While we try to alternate webinar times to suit as many time zones as possible, it is not always possible. Therefore, we will post the recording of the webinar on this webpage, on the ISES YouTube channel and on the IEA SHC Solar Academy website and IEA SHC Solar Academy YouTube channel.

Questions and Answers

During the live webinar, there is a "questions and answers" session within the last 10 to 20 minutes. We encourage you to continue the discussion on LinkedIn (ISES LinkedIn group and IEA SHC LinkedIn group)

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