SOLARTR 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

SOLARTR 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday, 27. November 2018 to Thursday, 29. November 2018

SOLARTR 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

“SOLARTR 2018” scientific activity, which will be organised with the collaboration of “Universities / Industry / Public Agencies and Institutions / Civil Society Organizations”, comprises of an international conference and an exhibition that is related to science and technology about the innovative technologies and practices within the realm of solar energy, which is gradually becoming more significant.

At the conference a wide variety of issues will be discussed including the solar technologies (PV, thermal) and the new trends, Concentrated solar power (CSP, CPV), Measurement and characterization of materials and devices, Solar power plants, Operation, Performance and reliability of solar energy systems, Solar energy markets and their dynamics, Solar energy in urban planning, Solar cooling and heating, Large scale solar systems, Solar heat integration in industrial processes, Building integrated solar and roof-façade applications, Solar renovation of buildings, Contribution of solar energy to achieve nearly zero energy buildings, Energy storage systems, Hybrid systems, Rating and certification procedures, New materials and new concepts, Regulations and opportunities for regional development, Climate change and solar energy, Emission trading, Innovative financing models for solar systems, R&D, P&D and future collaborations, Environmental health and safety.

Planned by the stakeholders of the Solar Energy to form a basis for evaluating the sector and its development in all aspects, SOLARTR 2018 has also an important place due to gathering all of the parties together from the researcher to the industry and from the public to the contractor. The purpose is gathering all of the stakeholders together to share new developments in science and technology, to propose integrated solutions and to serve to increase the usage of the solar energy in electricity and thermal energy production.

We are inviting you to the grand event that we are organizing.

Prof. Dr. Günnur KOÇAR

Chair, SOLARTR 2018

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