EuroSun 2018 - News and Updates

Only a few days left until EuroSun 2018 and the International Solar Energy Society would like to update you on the latest news! 

A special thank you goes out to our supporter EnergieSchweiz who have joined EuroSun 2018 helping to make this great conference happening!

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EuroSun 2018 Poster Award - new: present your poster in a video

EuroSun 2018 will award the three best posters presented at the conference with  the best posters being selected by representatives of EuroSun, SIGES and the SAC Scientific Committee and will be awarded during the closing session on Thursday.

For the first time at EuroSun you will also have the opportunity to present your poster in a short video. All you have to do is to come to the video station on the first day of the conference with your research poster. There you can present the most important points of your research on a video set. The one to two-minute video is filmed with your mobile phone and will be published open access on the “Youtube channel of the conference”. Make your findings accessible to others and drop by on September 11 from 9-17 hrs. Further details will be available on site.


ISES to announce new project "MythBusters" at EuroSun 2018

ISES has been working on a new project over the last few months to find a way to address common renewable energy myths in the field of grid integration. A set of easy to read info-graphics has been developed to help bust these myths to further the understanding of the potential of renewable energy and as help to everybody wanting to bust these myths in their own life with family, friends or colleagues. 

The "Mythbusters" series will be officially announced during EuroSun 2018 - by on the look out for them on the conferene social media and on the ISES homepage in the next few weeks!


Heat Changers Initiative to join EuroSun 2018

The Heat Changers Campagin of ISES Gold Member Stefan Abrecht will be joining EuroSun 2018 to introduce the campaign and to engage the conference participation to become Heat Changers themselves:

The Heat Changers project is an international communication campaign that educates, inspires and motivates people to convert to solar heat. It addresses potential users of solar heat from three different perspectives: emotions, technology, and economics. Heat Changers are brand ambassadors for solar heat, they have a solar heating system, publish, work, teach or learn in this sector. They are glad to share their experience, knowledge, and passion with the world.  

Visit the Heat Changers in building 1, and participate in the photo shooting and Twitter-action. You will get a branded polo shirt in exchange of a picture and a message from you about solar heat to be shared with the world.


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Find out more about the Heat Changers here:



Solar Cat at EuroSun 2018

Solar Cat is a regular visitor in the ISES monthly members newsletter, sharing it's genius solutions and wisdom on solar energy and how cats especially have mastered this technologie, often hidden in little day to day actions, unrecognizable to the human eye. For EuroSun 2018, Solar Cat will make it's come back to the world of conferences in form of a postcard:

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So be on the look out for Solar Cat in Rapperswil and to learn more about Solar Cat, it's origin and current debates in the world of cat solutions to solar energy, visit Jim Augustyn's books:


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