About the ISES Solar Energy Museum

To highlight the many individuals, research institutes, companies, NGOs and many more who made solar what it is today - a booming global industry - ISES is creating a virtual museum to celebrate all these achievements. This virtual museum will allow research institutes, companies and individuals to tell their stories about how they helped develop an industry that has grown from watts to gigawatts.

Starting all the way back in the 1950s, the virtual museum will present important actors, research, inventions, historical events, displays of early products and solar records from every decade as well as the many individual solar and renewable energy pioneers that pathed the way for the industry to grow to what we know it to be today.

In tune with the event's motto "The Century of Solar" this virtual museum will not only look back at the many great things achieved but of course, also look forward in a special section of the museum summarising what is required politically, technically, financially and socially to transition to a world of 100% Renewable Energy covering all areas of our energy demand from electricity, heat, buildings, industry and transportation.

The museum will include the following:

    ·         Timeline:  the history of ISES
    ·         Videos of interviews with early pioneers and early events
    ·         Overview of growth in the various market segments including key events, projects, successful policies and significant research breakthroughs
    ·         Profiles of Research and Industry Pioneers
    ·         Timeline of growth of renewable energy access
    ·         Stories from institutes and companies

The museum will be organized by decade and will include a vision area with a focus on moving towards 100% renewable energy.

Call for Historic Materials

For the museum, ISES is looking for images of early products, systems and significant events that might be shown in the museum. In particular, ISES is looking for images from the pre-1990’s.

If you believe you have relevant photos, videos or materials in formats that are suitable for posting in the online museum, please send these to swc50 [at] ises.org

Please include an appropriate descriptions in the name of the files and possibly include a background story in a word document. All contributors will be acknowledged on the museum website.