ISES Board of Directors - Call for Nominations

ISES is seeking nominations for the Board of Director from the membership for the 2022-2023 term. The deadline to submit nominations has been extended until 22 October.

Information on Call for Nominations Board of Directors 2022-2023 Term

The ISES Board of Directors governs the Society and strengthens the role ISES plays in the renewable energy transformation through the Society’s events, publications and other outreach activities.

All Board members are expected to:

  • Review and update ISES’s strategic planning and ensure the plan’s implementation;
  • Monitor the financial and operational wellbeing of the Society;
  • Promote ISES through personal and business networks and activities;
  • Increase ISES membership and financial support opportunities;
  • Encourage other ISES members to contribute to ISES’ mission;
  • Participate in all board discussions, meetings and voting;
  • Lead or be involved in one or more of the ISES Committees, or propose new committees as needed.  Current Committees of the Board include Conferences, Publications, Communications and Outreach, Membership, Education, and Bylaws); alternatively, engage with or serve as the ISES representative to one or more of our international partners (e.g., IRENA, REN21, Global Solar Council, REN-Alliance, IEA-SHC, etc.).

Time Commitment
This can vary but generally the time commitment for a Board member is around 2 hours per week. Besides meeting periodically via conference calls during the year, the Board holds a 2-day in person meeting each year to discuss and update annual plans.

Financial Commitment
For Board meetings that are in person, members are expected to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Terms and Term Limits
Members of the ISES Board of Directors serve for two-year terms. All Board members, except for members who are on the Executive Committee, are limited to three consecutive terms on the Board.

Nomination Process

According to the ISES by-laws all International Members are eligible for positions on the Board of Directors.  All ISES members participate in the election of the 13 board positions. The Board of Directors shall have the following representation:

  • Young ISES – 1 representative (under 35 years old)
  •  Corporate Members – 1 representative
  •  Members at large – 11 representatives
    • 1 per each of the 4 countries with the highest number of ISES members (the 4 countries will be determined by mid-September)
    • 7 from any country including the top 4 countries.
    • There can be no more than 2 per country in this category

All candidates to the Board must have an active ISES Membership and agree to the ISES Bylaws and the ISES Board of Directors guidelines.

Candidates must provide the following:

  • Board Candidate Application Form
  • Candidate Statement form and photoo. Please send statements as a word (.docx) file (please note that .doc files cannot be received), no PDFs will be accepted. The statement (no more than 300 words) should contain your qualifications and clearly describe your plans for carrying out your responsibilities as an ISES Board Member. Be as specific as possible about your areas of interest and expertise.
  • A short CV or biographical statement.

Please send the above by 22 October 2021 to hq [at] ises [dot] org.

If you require further information about the ISES Board of Directors election process, please send an e-mail to the ISES Headquarters at hq [at] ises [dot] org.


Benefits of Serving on the ISES Board of Directors

Your service on the ISES Board enables you to influence ISES’ mission of informing and accelerating the renewable energy transformation. You will have direct influence on the Society’s goals and activities.

Here are some testimonials from recent ISES Board of Directors:
"Being the Young ISES representative on the Board of Directions has been exciting and very rewarding. I have been able to speak at high level UN events, travel internationally to represent the society, and help guide the future agenda of ISES to best represent the coming generation of solar experts. I would highly recommend another enthusiastic person early in their solar energy career to run in the upcoming elections." - Dr. Steven Meyers (USA)
"I've served on the ISES board for several periods. It's a very rewarding experience of sharing work and goals with great likeminded persons. Also it's been a vital calling card to help promote renewable energy in general, and Solar in particular here in Chile. A wonderful experience that helps us march towards a 100% RE future." Prof. Roberto Román Latorre (Chile)
"As a member of the ISES Board of Directors, I actively promote research and education in the field of solar energy. This in turn helps accelerate the achievement of ISES’s goal of a global implementation of renewable energy, as young engineers develop the technologies for the efficient conversion and cost-effective utilization of solar energy.” Prof Aldo Steinfeld (Switzerland)

Board members are featured on the ISES website with photo and short description. Many choose to include their membership to the ISES Board of Directors in their e-mail signatures and Résumés. News / interviews from members of the Board also are featured in the ISES newsletters. ISES Board members may also take advantage of a free International Experts Network (IEN) subscription.