Global Solar Council

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) is a founding member of the Global Solar Council, launched at the COP 21 climate change meeting in Paris.

The worlds leading regional and national solar associations have come together to accelerate the uptake of solar technology across the globe.

The Global Solar Council strives to convey 3 Key Messages about solar power:

  • Solar power is already one of the cheapest forms of electricity globally
  • Solar power is everywhere, and alleviates poverty, especially in rural areas
  • To avoid a greater than 2ºC increase in global temperatures, we must strongly accelerate the deployment of solar power.

In 2015, solar accounted for about 1% of global power generation. Together we are targeting 10% global solar power by 2030.

At the launch of the Global Solar Council, ISES president Dr. David Renné stated: "The International Solar Energy Society has been strongly supporting R&D and technical innovation in the development of solar energy for over 60 years.  As a member of the Board of the Global Solar Council, we are very pleased for this opportunity to work with solar industry associations from around the world to continue our support in the advancement of these technologies, and to ensure their commercial success and mainstream application."

The principal members of the Global Solar Council include Australia, China, Europe, India and other Asian countries, Middle East, South America and the US.

Click here to view the Global Solar Council flyer.