ISES Webinar: Materials for Thermal Energy Storage: Requirements, Challenges & Solutions

07 August 2014, 16:00 - 17:30 CEST

About this Webinar 

Thermal energy storage (TES) is a technology that stores thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium so that energy can be used for heating, cooling and power generation at a later date. TES systems can help balance energy supply and demand and help increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix. Innovative materials are improving TES systems efficiency and effectiveness in meeting energy needs. This webinar will address the requirements, problems and challenges involved in the development of materials for thermal energy storage. The expert speakers will provide an overview of the following 

 - Technologies and materials for thermal energy storage

 - Requirements and constraints for the materials used in sensible heat storage, latent heat storage and thermochemical storage

 - Problems with materials used for TES and how research on new materials is working to overcome these challenges 

 - Availability and resources of materials for TES technologies such as costs, production, recyclability, etc. 

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