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IEN News

ICN now International Experts Network (IEN)
The ISES service International Consultants Network is now called the International Experts Network!

03.06.02 : ICN opened for ISES members

Access to the ICN service is opened to ISES members. Announced on the 3d of June, members were soon purchasing membership of the ICN.

14.06.02 : First ICN Founding Member awardee selected

The first winner of this award is randomly selected from the first 25 ISES Members to join the ICN. Dr. Fernando Antunes, Brazil

01.07.02 : Lauch Date Arrives

The public face of the ICN is launched on the 1st of July, at 13:00 CET. With a small, selected set of experts, ISES launches a new platform that promises improved access to expertise for the global renewable energy community. At the same time, it provides members of ISES with a vehicle with which to offer their expertise to a global clientel. A win-win situation with extensive benefits for renewable energy implementation - the ISES International Consultants Network.