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ISES IEN Search Guidelines

Several ways of approaching your search is available. As the information included for each listing is extensive, and a great deal of background demographic available is used for the search (but never displayed), you can start your search geographically, or based on technical requirements, or a combination of geographic, expertise and demographic criteria.

Start your search simply. If you are looking for someone in solar home systems in South America, say so - make your search something like "pv rural south america" (without the quotation marks).

The results are ordered based on relevance. Level of relevance is indicated by the bar to the left of the results, like so:

: 00% - 20% Relevance
: 21% - 40% Relevance
: 41% - 60% Relevance
: 61% - 80% Relevance
: 81% -100% Relevance

Click on the document icon () to access detailed information on each expert.

In addition to address-related information, the following information that is visible to the user is contained in the ICN:

Area(s) of Expertise (Technical)
Containing one or more of:

Solar Energy Systems for Buildings and Solar Architecture
Flat Plate Solar Collectors
Solar Concentrating Collectors
Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
Solar Collector Materials
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Thermal Electricity
Photovoltaic Electricity
Solar Energy in Remote and Rural Areas
Combined Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Systems
Solar Cities
Solar District Heating
Atria and Glazing
Modelling and Simulation
Solar Cooling and Dehumidification
Space Applications
Wind Power Systems and Solar-Wind Hybrids
Biomass Energy Conversion
Sustainable Hydroelectricity
Ocean Energy Conversion
Thermal Storage
Electrical Storage
Hydrogen - Chemical Energy Storage and Fuels
Solar Radiation
Indirect Solar Resource Evaluations
Education and Information
Marketing and Commercialisation
Policy and Programmes
Developing Countries
Environmental and Social Impacts of Energy Systems

Area(s) of Expertise (Geographic) :
Including one or more of:

Central Asia
South-West-Asia/Middle East
Southern Asia
South-East Asia
North America
Central America/Mexico
South America
North Africa
Central Africa
West Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

Other information:

Countries of Special Expertise
Current Job Title
At which company/institution
Since what year
Current activity description
Representative list of Projects involved in
Representative list of papers/articles published
Highest Qualification Received
At which institution
In what year
Language skills (eg French - Fluent)
Honors/Awards Received
Professional Memberships
A Curriculum Vitae

A broad set of demographic data is also included in the search, but not displayed.