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The International Solar Energy Society e. V. is registered at the District Council of Freiburg, registration No. VR 2739. 

The representatives of the non-profit organisation are:
President: Dr. David S. Renné
Vice President: Prof. Volker Wittwer
Treasurer: Mr. Torben Esbensen

VAT Identification No. DE 177 197 424 (international use)
Taxation No. 06470/41456 (for use in Germany only)

Contact persons for the ISES e. V. International Headquarters are:
Head of Secretariat: Jennifer McIntosh

Contact Information
International Solar Energy Society
International Headquarters - Villa Tannheim
Wiesentalstr. 50
79115 Freiburg

Tel: + 49 761 45906 45
Fax: + 49 761 45906 99

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Andesol, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mail, Ruanda and Spain - Â© Nathalie Bertrams /

Other photos courtesy of Corry de Keizer, Christian Budig and Ahmad Houri. 

Photo under "What we do" - © Nathalie Bertrams /

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